The Grand Ellipses

I listen patiently when I am waiting for reality to respond. I act impulsively when I have no idea what's going on . . .

"The Grand Ellipses … “? I love that moment when i’m thinking about something, or listening to something and i have that … moment. It’s that pause before you have your realization of clarity. So, i thought that would be a good name for this, to refer to that grand moment when we let our mind settle, let the questions and turbulence stir a bit and allow free thought to reign.

Finally he had reached the podium. He removed his hood, his skin sparkling in the equally orange glow of the rows of burning crosses. Silence fell over the audience as he rose his fist. The night’s brisk air hung silent but for the crackling of flames. He smiled, “White power everyone”. Applause erupted from the crowd. – Excerpt from The Inauguration Of Donald Trump.