The Grand Ellipses

I listen patiently when I am waiting for reality to respond. I act impulsively when I have no idea what's going on . . .

"The Grand Ellipses … “? I love that moment when i’m thinking about something, or listening to something and i have that … moment. It’s that pause before you have your realization of clarity. So, i thought that would be a good name for this, to refer to that grand moment when we let our mind settle, let the questions and turbulence stir a bit and allow free thought to reign.

Is the anti-gay movement becoming a hated group?

Checking the news real quick this morning, I see this ditty.

Sprigg, from the Family Research Council, says his condemnation of homosexual conduct does not spring from intolerance but a desire to protect gays from harmful conduct, he says.

Sprigg, a senior fellow for policy studies at the council, wrote in a council pamphlet that homosexual men are more likely to engage in child sexual abuse than are straight men. He also wrote that gay men are also afflicted with a higher rate of sexually transmitted diseases and mental illness as well.

Sprigg says he does not believe homosexuality is a choice and that “personal testimonies" and "clinical experience” show that some people “can and do change from gay to straight.”

“Maybe we need to do a better job of showing that we are motivated by Christian love,” Sprigg says. “Love is wanting the best for someone, and acting to bring that about.”

When we hear things like people wanting to use their "Christian love" in conjunction with "wanting the best for someone", it very often feels out of place, because it is usually leading to that person expressing a "moral superiority". In the case of the Family Research Council, they have a view that is strictly biblical and they will use that viewpoint to spread defamation and complete falsehood in regards to what they find undesirable. In the founding of this country, our forefathers set a precedent to not allow religious doctrine to motivate public policy (see Jefferson's cut up version of the bible and his notes on it for a good example). If the evangelical is becoming a "hated minority", it is because they feel so righteous in forcing all those around them to follow the same doctrinal "morality".

When looking for answers on morality, one does not need to look at the bible or any other religious text. The common religious text offers more in ways of persecution than it does of love. We need to look at our philosophers and story tellers and discern among them what is valuable and what is not. Like Jefferson did with the New Testament, we need to do with anything else. No one group or person has the right answer, or the "truth" in terms of morality.

Litfin, from Moody Bible Institute, acknowledged that the Bible once sanctioned slavery, but he said that practice was a “cultural expression” that changed over time. Evangelicals who oppose same-sex marriage by citing the Bible are on more solid ground, he says.

“Marriage is a universal and timeless institution that God set up for maximum human flourishing. He set it up in the first book of the Bible with the story of Adam and Eve. It is consistent throughout the whole Bible. … Marriage is in a different category than those cultural things.”

To Litfin at the Moody Bible . . . I call bullshit. This is the type of apologetics that has no logical stance. He admits that the Bible was used to justify slavery, but says that that was a "cultural practice" that changed. While i'm glad he is willing to admit that we are in a more morally superior time at which we can see the practice of slavery as barbaric, his avoidance of the same argument in relation to homosexuality is unintelligible. It is more than clear that the "cultural practice" of defaming homosexuals is in the hyper mode of change and he is the "KKK" using the Bible to protect his hate. Is using that example, the KKK, too much? I don't think so. Those who stand behind this argument and make homosexuals out to be "evil in the eyes of god" are stirring the pot to raise and teach bigotry and bully mentality.